Female “Xe Om” driver

“Xe om” – Motorbike with driver has become Hanoi “specility” and in the whole Vietnam in general. With the mushroom of motorbikes recently and it’s convenience for short distance, narrow streets… “xe om” become a popular vehicle.
In the past, whoever had motorbike to be able to “xe om” if they did not any job. They were a father, grand father and young men. They did not even have licence and the price depended into the bargain between the riders and customers.
Nowadays, a new “xe om”service appeared and people can enjoy this way of vehicle without worried payment. This is an organized motorbike with speedometer ahead, the price list behind, hotline and customer services, the drivers in uniform, friendly attitude and safe driving….

Price list:

The first 600 m:  VND6,000
From 2nd km to 6th km: VND6,000/ 1 km
From 7th km to 12th km: VND5,000/ 1 km
From 13th km: VND4,000/1 km
Round trip: from 13th km on the way back discount 50% only VND2,000 / 1 km

Working hours: from 6AM to 8PM everyday

Tel: 04.66 592 592
Hotline: 04 66556611