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Ninh Binh is a province situated on the south extreme of the Red River Delta. Because of the distinctive geography stretching from the mountainous area of the Northeastern part to the delta, Ninh Binh owns a special topography with half of mountain and half of plain region which make it become an appealing destination for your discovery and relaxation trip to Vietnam. Due to a special collection of majestic natural landscapes as well as the rich cultural values, Ninh Binh is increasing its popularity to the tourists in the country and around the world. Moreover, Ninh Binh is considered the “Halong bay on land” because of a diverse system of fauna and flora along with many amazing and splendid natural sights. A large number of attractions here can exhaust any tourists who want to enjoy all kinds of destinations here. It can be said that all the quintessence of nature are concentrated in this province. They are the immense rice paddy fields of the rural villages in the scenery of towering mountains and the poetic rivers, the ancient attractions reflecting the long development of the country in addition to the system of pagodas and temples expressing the spiritual life of locals for a long time.