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Hanoi Home-stay Tours

Tour Route: Hanoi - Ky Son Village - Duong Lam Village - Hanoi

Tour Highlights

  • Immerse in rural Vietnam, starting with Ky Son Village.
  • Enjoy a cooking class, a delicious lunch, and a traditional herbal hand massage, gaining insights into local customs.
  • Explore Ky Son and neighboring villages on a scenic bike ride, including the historic Duong Lam Village with its cultural sites.
  • Discover Ngo Quyen tomb and Phung Hung temple, learning about local heroes and their impact.
  • Engage in traditional exercises, don Vietnamese attire and culminating in a genuine Vietnamese experience.

Tour Highlights

  • Visit Thay Pagoda and Tay Phuong Pagoda to admire the architectural beauty and famous Buddha statues.
  • Enjoy a bike ride through villages, experiencing local life and crafts.
  • Stay at Moon Garden homestay and participate in a cooking class.
  • Enjoy a hand massage and bike ride to explore farming communities, ancient villages, and historical sites.
  • Experience a foot bath with medicinal herbs and taste local products before returning to Hanoi.