5 Romantic Streets in Autumn of Hanoi

5 Romantic Streets in Autumn of Hanoi

Hanoi not only attracts visitors by the delicious food or entertainment spots, but it also attracts tourists to visit the beautiful and romantic streets carpeted yellow leaves and the scent of white cheese-wood flowers. The capital is the gateway city set foot for Vietnam vacation.

Phan Dinh Phung Street
The street is about 1.5 km long with many rows of large trees. In autumn, the street is immersed in the yellow of the sunshine as well as the leaves. This is also the location that many youngsters choose to record the moments of autumn or stroll around with friends in the weather of fall season. Every early morning in autumn, the sunshine goes through the clefts of leaves down to the carpet of yellow leaves which creates a romantic scene. You should also enjoy the delicious food at the famous restaurant on the street after admiring the historical buildings, such as North Gate, the ancient French villas.Phan Dinh Phung Street

Hoan Kiem Lake
Hoan Kiem Lake is a destination not only attracting domestic tourists but also foreign visitors who choose this place to visit and enjoy the scenic autumn of Hanoi, around the lake are shady trees all year round. In autumn, the yellow of leaves around the lake create a tranquil and romantic scene. If you have time, you can sit to admire the atmosphere of Hanoi’s autumn, to watch Turtle Tower reflected on the lake. Ngoc Son Temple and Pen Tower are the places you should explore when visiting Hoan Kiem Lake.Walking Street, Hoan Kiem Lake

Thanh Nien Street
This is a unique path of Hanoi located between West Lake and Truc Bach Lake. With many trees, the road is always shady in summer and yellow leaves rustling when autumn comes. Stroll on this romantic street, you should not forget to watch the willows on two lakeside that went into poetry, enjoy famous shrimp cakes in West Lake or visit Tran Quoc Pagoda.Thanh Nien Street

Nguyen Dinh Thi Street
This is one of the most romantic streets on the lakeside of West Lake, name of musician Nguyen Dinh Thi. The street has many rows ancient trees and a side is West Lake. Along the 2 km long street, there are many cafes with a romantic atmosphere. Do not miss the moment to drink a cup of hot black coffee while watching the sunset, or float on the lake with swan boat. The head of the street connects to the Thanh Nien street many cruise restaurants for you to experience West Lake’s autumn at night.Nguyen Dinh Thi Street

Nguyen Du Street
The scent of white cheese-wood flowers went on many songs of Hanoi. If you want to smell the scent of flowers once, Nguyen Du Street is a destination should not be missed. This place still has ancient flowering plants boasting the flavor of white cheese-wood flowers. Many people also called the street as “white cheese-wood Flower Street”. After taking pictures beside the flowers, you should visit roadside coffee shops and look at Thien Quang Lake. It will bring you a new experience.Nguyen Du Street