Vietnam has many traditional villages, however, the villages that still reserves the typical features of ancient villages are a few. Chau Khe Jewelry Village is one of these villages. Spend time traveling to this traditional village you will experience the lifestyle and atmosphere of an old village.

Chau Khe Jewelry Village

Chau Khe jewelry village is located in Binh Giang district, Hai Duong province. Although it is situated about 40km from Hanoi, Chau Khe village has a close relationship with Hang Bac street of old capital Thang Long because the main items of the village are sold in the shops on this street.

Chau Khe village has existed for a long time. In the 15th century, the father of Chau Khe jewelry village was invited to Thang Long by the king to cast silver coin for the king. This was the origin of jewelry craft of the village, and also created Chau Khe in Hang Bac street. Until French colonial, Hang Bac street was a place specializing in making silver jewelry for the rich. The villagers here are always proud of being a person of a village that existed hundreds of years and had a rich culture.

Chau Khe is a typical village in the northern plains. Until now, the village still preserves many historical monuments that have a great cultural value such as the village’s gate, communal house, wells, shrines and traditional crafts. Despite not being the first village creating art of casting gold, silver or jewelry, Chau Khe jewelry has reached the pinnacle of the art. Gold or silver carving is quite picky craft because workers must practice frequently so that their hands become faster and more flexible. To have beautiful decorations, workers must know about painting, sculpture and basic cultural knowledge. The main products of Chau Khe village are jewelry like rings, earrings, bangles with various types and designs.

Chau Khe Jewelry Village

Chau Khe village has experienced many ups and downs, and historical events but with the love of the profession, Chau Khe is still ongoing development. Chau Khe village is a proof for the persistence of traditional craft villages in Vietnam. Come here, visitors can not only buy gold, silver jewelry to use or as gifts but also can look peaceful scene of the countryside and immerse in space characterizing the traditional culture of Tonkin area.