Pho –  Noodle Soup

When people mention “Hanoi”, there is nothing as famous as “pho” (noodle soup). It is also the world-class dish in the Asia, and in the world. Noodle soup is made from rice flour, and meat. It is also combined with vegetables like saw tooth herb, rice paddy herb, cilantro, bean sprouts. A bowl noodle soup in a small food stall in sidewalk in Hanoi is really fascinating.

Pho -  Noodle Soup

Pho Bo – Noodle Soup with Beef

Pho Cuon – Rolled Pho
The second one is “pho cuon” (Vietnamese rolled pho) is one of the most favorite foods in Vietnamese families. It is really colorful because it includes many ingredients with different colors such as white of cooked rice paper shell, greens of vegetables (cilantro, mustard leaf, and lettuce), red of beef meat, and yellow of fried egg, so on. All these things are covered by rice paper shell. You feel its taste when using with fish sauce.

Pho Cuon - Rolled Pho

Pho Cuon – Rolled Pho

Bun Thang (ladder noodle)
Traditionally, ladder noodle is cooked in the fourth day of the Lunar New Year to see off ancestor. But, nowadays, it is used as the daily food. It is really an eye-catching dish because there are many things are mixed in a bowl of noodle. “bun thang” is like the rainbow with yellow, red, green, white, of egg, fried egg, pork ham strips, chicken floss, Vietnamese mint, some slices of red chili. It is easy for you to enjoy a bowl of ladder noodle in many food stalls in sidewalks or in restaurants.

Bun Thang -  Ladder Noddle

Bun Thang – Ladder Noddle

Xoi – Steamed Sticky Rice
Sticky rice is familiar with Hanoians as well as Vietnamese because it is not only cheap, but also really delicious. The outstanding color of sticky rice is yellow with the combination of rice, de-hulled mung bean and fried onion. You will find it is gooey and fragrant.

Xoi - Steamed sticky rice

Xoi – Steamed sticky rice

Banh Cuon – Steamed Rice Pancake Rolls
It is made from rice starch, grinded pork and used with fish sauce which is blended with sugar, lemon, red chili, and carrot. It is very famous for breakfast or lunch of Hanoians.
2.6 West lake shrimp pancake. It is regarded as the speciality of West Lake in particular, of Hanoi in general. The main ingredient is shrimp which is caught directly from West Lake. After that, it is covered with wheat pour, potato and shrimp patties. The cake is more sweet-smelling and tastier if it is used with fish sauce, salad and vermicelli. Looking around West Lake in a nice afternoon and enjoying West Lake shrimp pancake may be your memorable experience in Hanoi.

Steamed Rice Pancake Rolls

Steamed Rice Pancake Rolls

Cha Ca –  Grilled Fish
Perhaps, everyone in Hanoi does know Cha Ca La Vong because of its unique taste. Fish are fresh and carefully processed, so there is no bones and fishy smell. It can be served with peanut, green onions, dills and shrimp paste. If you want to try a dish of “cha ca”, Cha Ca La Vong restaurant is the address for you. Hopefully, you will feel Hanoi’s beauty through enjoy these foods.

Cha Ca - Grilled Fish

Cha Ca – Grilled Fish