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Cooking has found its way to become an integral part of Vietnamese culture. Whether you are a cooking enthusiast, a gourmet connoisseur or just a curious traveler, our cooking course will introduce you to the culinary world of Vietnamese flavors as well as shed some lights on the local ways of life.

Our sample itinerary of Hanoi cooking tours will allow you to experience authentic Vietnamese cooking with the help of experienced chefs. Our Hanoi cooking program consists of two main parts: a market tour followed by a cooking lesson. Follow your guide to a local market and learn about the fundamentals of Vietnamese cuisine, from choosing the best ingredients to differentiating between types of noodles. You’ll then head to either a professional cooking class or a family house for a hands-on cooking session, and sample your humble creations afterwards. There’s nothing better to bring you closer to the heart of Hanoi than our cooking tours!



  • Adiolercx

    Love Vietnamese cuisine and still learning how to cook the authentic dishes. Thanks for letting us know about this Delicious Vietnam. I can browse all yummy dishes and learn more.

  • Alice

    We are planning a trip to Hanoi next month and we really want to try the most famous dish: Pho. Where can I get the best Pho in Hanoi?

    • Stephen

      Hi, Pho is one of the most famous dishes and you should try once when you visit Hanoi. Some places are well-known for its best pho bo such as 49 Bat Dan Street or 14 Ly Quoc Su. For pho ga, you can try phở gà at Lan Ong Street, it’s also delicious too.

  • Harsha

    My health is no really fine, I am wondering if the street food in Hanoi is safe or not?

    • Tracey

      The Hanoi street food is really good, fresh and nutritious. And you don’t have to worry about the food. But you should choose the popular food stalls to enjoy street food due to the quality of food.

  • How mostly different between “Pho” Hanoi and Sai Gon?

    • Stephen

      It is said that Pho origins from the North. Hanoians use pig bones to make broth of Pho served with thin slice of beef or chicken, piece of lemon, peppers. Meanwhile, Pho Sai Gon is made from chicken bones, dried squid, and the sweet of sugar so it is slightly fat and tastily rich. Saigonese serves Pho with lemon, fresh pepper, coriander, sliced onion, bean-sprouts.

  • Any restaurant offering vegetarian food in Hanoi?

    • Tracey

      If you are a vegetarian, you can go to some restaurants such as “Nang Tam” restaurant at 17B Hai Ba Trung , Tamarind on Ma May street and others in Kim Ma street.


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