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Hanoi is located in the Red River Delta, adjacent to Thai Nguyen province, Vinh Phuc province in the North; Ha Nam province and Hoa Binh in the South; Bac Giang province, Bac Ninh province and Hung Yen province in the East; and Hoa Binh province and Phu Tho province in the West. Hanoi is also located in the right back of the Da river and 2 sides of the Red river. It is an ideal location for Hanoi to enjoy moderate weather all year round: mild winter from November to March, humid summer from May to August and cooling breezes for the rest of the year.

The Hanoi climate is typical for a tropical moonsoon climate of the northern climate (hot in the summer, rainy and cold winter, less rainy). With it’s location among tropical zone, Hanoi gets abundant of solar radiation and hight temperatures around the year. The amount of total radiation everage s 11,8kcal/cm2 and year everage temperature is 23,6°C. Due to the influence of the East Sea, Hanoi temperature is quite high humidity and rainfall. The everage annual humidiy is around 79% a year and rainfall is 1,800 mm. There are approximately 114 days raining a year here.
The most obvious change of Hanoi’s characteristic climate is the difference of two seasons hot and cold. It is hot and rainy season from May to September. The everage temperature of this season is around 29,2 degree celsus. It is cold and dry season from November to the next March. The everage temperature is around 15,2 degree celsus. There are 2 transition periods between two seasons (April and October) therefore Hanoi has 4 seasons a year, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The changes of the weather among 4 seasons make Hanoi has its own beauty. The best time to visit Hanoi is in autumn every year.

Hanoi Weather Data by Month
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Highest temp.(°C) 33 34 37 39 43 40 40 37 38 36 36 37 43
Average high (°C) 19 20 23 26 31 32 32 32 31 28 24 21 27
Average temp. (°C) 17 17 20 24 27 29 29 28 27 25 21 18 23
Average low (°C) 15 15 18 21 24 25 26 26 25 22 19 15 21
Lowest temp.(°C) 3 6 7 10 16 21 22 21 17 14 7 5 3
Precipitation (mm) 21 28 46 91 183 229 255 296 251 146 46 14 1607
Humidity (%) 68 70 75 76 73 75 72 75 73 69 68 67 74
Number of rainy days 2 3 4 8 14 16 17 18 15 14 5 2 13

However, Hanoi is busy around year by visitors from all over the world. The busiest tourist season is from this October to next April. The summer time is considered as the worst weather in Hanoi due to hot and rainy as many other places in South East Asia. But this is the best time to travel Hanoi to advoid the major tourist months. Quiet, more Hanoi and especialy get blue sky and nice weather in each end of the day.

Hanoi Weather by Month:

Hanoi Weather by Month
  • Hanoi Weather in January

    Hanoi Weather in January

    January is the coldest month in Hanoi. It is obvious that this is the coldest season in a year because Hanoi is suffered strong freezing wind from north-east. However, the average temperature is roughly 15-19 Celsius degree. The humidity is quite high in this month…

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  • Hanoi weather in February

    Hanoi Weather in February

    This month is regarded as the seasonal transition (from winter to spring) in the year, so the weather is better and warmer than that in January when the average temperature is about 15-20 Celsius degree…

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  • Hanoi weather in March

    Hanoi Weather in March

    It is believed that Hanoi is in its best condition in the March. This month marked the change of weather as it becomes warmer and more pleasant…

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  • Thay Pagoda festival usually occurs in April

    Hanoi Weather in April

    In April, you will continue enjoying the most beautiful days of spring when the weather is still considerably warmer and strongly windy. The temperature is about 21 to 26 Celsius degree during the month on average…

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  • Hanoi Weather in May

    Hanoi Weather in May

    It is the period of time which is seasonal transition (from spring to summer), so the weather is unpredictable. The reason is that in day time…

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  • Hanoi Weather in June

    Hanoi Weather in June

    Since June, the weather has been hotter with the average temperature about 32-36 Celsius degree. Hanoi receives a large amount of heat because sunlight is from dawn to dusk. Particularly, it is extremely hot at noon when the temperature can reach…

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  • Hanoi Weather in July

    Hanoi Weather in July

    In July Hanoi in particular and the North of Vietnam in general are under the hottest days of the years in the summer, even hotter than the South of Vietnam. The very hot days are still dominating the whole areas in Hanoi during the month…

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  • August is the transitional season in Hanoi

    Hanoi Weather in August

    August is the seasonal transition month of weather in Hanoi. The weather seems to be nicer, but it is still very hot. 27-32 Celsius is the average temperature in Hanoi’s August…

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  • Hanoi Weather in September

    Hanoi Weather in September

    This month marks the ending of hot and rainy days, and beginning of the beautiful autumn-the season of flowers and love. The weather in September is cooler and more comfortable than previous ones…

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  • Hanoi Weather in October

    Hanoi Weather in October

    The weather in October seems to be more comfortable and pleasant in compared to September because of additional cooling wind blowing frequently. The temperature in this month dramatically decreases to 23°C at night…

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  • Hanoi Weather in November

    Hanoi Weather in November

    This month is considered the last month in autumn, so the weather changes so much. The temperature starts to slightly lower about 19-240C in a day; the humidity lessen at the same time. Furthermore, the rainy days are reduced…

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  • Hanoi Weather in December

    Hanoi Weather in December

    Hanoi is really in the winter in December when experiencing considerable changes in weather. The temperature sharply drops to 15°C to 18°C with dry climate, just about 67% in humidity…

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  • Marianne

    What is the weather like from June to August?

    • Stephen

      This time is the summer in Vietnam. Like other northern provinces in Vietnam, Hanoi’s climate is characterized by hot and sunny. The temperature fluctuates from 30-36 Celsius degree. Thus, personally, I think it is the favorable time for you to travel to Hanoi. However, one thing is noted that although day time in Hanoi is sunny, but in evenings, there is often sudden rain, so it is had better for you to bring a small umbrella.


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